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International Workshops

We feel immense Gratitude of the Trust entrusted by such wonderful and wisdom full Teachers of International Repute to allow us to organize and host their Programs and Retreats at Meghavi.

A brief about some of our Teachers, Trainers of International Repute are mentioned below

Joyshop, Happiness of Being by Nithya Shanti

About Nithya Shanti

Nithya Shanti is an internationally respected spiritual teacher, seminar leader, writer and educator, committed to sharing practical wisdom teachings for happiness and enlightenment with people in a joyful and transformational way.
Blending a deep study of ancient scriptures, along with a broad survey of contemporary discoveries, Nithya Shanti specializes in facilitating profound shifts in awareness for people to release limitations and awaken latent potentials for a fulfilling life.

Karma Completion, EFT, Core Empowerment by Dr. Paula Horan

About Dr. Paula Horan

Dr. Paula Horan (LaxmiDechenWangmo) is an American Psychologist who is known worldwide for her books, seminars on alternative therapies and ground breaking approaches to spirituality and consciousness. Especially known for her retreats on Non Dual Awareness, currently she teaches across China and India and lives in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Accupunture, Detox. Liver Flush, Kidney Flush by Andres Lokuta

About Andres Lokuta

A Doctor in Chinese Medicines with his own inert need to fuse Health approaches in the most simplistic way, Andres bring with him simple solutions to our Complex Lifestyle issues through Acupuncture and Diet corrections. He’s known for his weeklong Liver Flush and Kidney Flush programs most apt for Urban Life style.

Family Constellation, Craniosacral by Stefan Reiter

About Stefan Reiter

Stefan Reiter is connected since 1996 with constellation work. Between 1999 – 2001 he was trained at Z.I.S.T./ Munich/Cologne(process – & structural work) and many seminars with BertHellinger (phenomenological work) on different topics. Since 2000 personal counseling and seminars, since 2010 training workshops on different topics (Inner Child, Love′s own Truth, Healthy Leadership, The Path, Archetypes..

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