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REIKI Level 1 & 2 by Megha Dinesh

REIKI is a simple Hands on Healing. In this workshop you are attuned to REIKI Level 1 and subsequently Level 2.
As a Channel through touch and distance healing you could send REIKI for faster recovery, for relaxation, peace while the REIKI practice increases the life force of the practitioner too.

FACERCISE by Megha Dinesh

A Two Hours workshop which teaches you Facial exercises which when performed Daily keep you Look Young for Many years after. And for this Non Evasive technique to show results within two weeks only you have to invest only 15 minutes of your Day Daily to perform these exercises.

5 Languages of Love by Prashant Jain

Universally Humans receive and give love only in 5 Ways. In this workshop you will learn what is your preferred language of Love and how you could understand and use it to create more fulfilling and harmonious relationships.

Tarot Card Healing by Mona Ramawat

In this Workshop You would learn how to trust the Universe and find answers to the poignant questions of your life.

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