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More about Spaiing

How Massages will help me?
Regular Massages strengthen your Immunity and Slow down Ageing. They bring down stress levels; improve your productivity along with many therapeutic benefits like improving blood circulation, body metabolism, muscle flexibility, toned skin.

How often can I have a massage?

Massages can be done Daily! A good frequency of having a Spa massage is Once a Week.

Is Facial Meant for Men too?

Facial skin is more sensitive skin in the Body and this is equally true for Men! A Good Facial keeps the Skin hydrated, clean and blemish free, thus maintaining Skin Longevity and takes off years from your face.

Why should I Have a Scrub?

Scrub exfoliates skin and remove dead cells, hence give our Body a Youthful, radiant appearance.  Due to Pollution and Stress factors the Natural Shedding Process by our Skin is affected, hence a weekly Scrub is recommended for a More vibrant Skin.

What is a Body Wrap?

A Body wrap is a process of applying some hydrating, nourishing, toning product on the body and allow the body to absorb it. Wrap also helps in releasing toxins while making the skin soft and supple.

How can I Maximize my Spa Benefits?

Spa sessions today are also an equivalent to “me time”. Following tips will help you maximize your Spa benefits-

  • • Keep your mobiles in a switch off or silent mode during the therapy and take time to settle before getting on your cell mode.
  • • In case of a massage leaving the Oil on the body for 30-45 minutes post your session, allows the Skin to be well hydrated while the aroma of essential oils continue working on your body mind.
  • • Make sure you drink plenty of water to flush out the toxins post your massage.
  • • Having a Relaxed day post your Spa session is a good idea.

What is the appropriate clothing for My Spa Sessions?
You would be offered a Bath robe and disposable underwear. It is a Standard and Must to wear Disposable Underwear for any Body Massage or a Body Therapy. Avoid wearing any Jewelry and Valuables for your Spa session. The management holds no responsibility for any loss or theft of your valuables.

How much time gap should I Leave between my meals and spa therapy?

A Two hours’ time gap is a good time gap between your meals and spa therapy.

In what conditions shall I avoid my Spa Sessions?

A recent surgery, illness, cold, cough, flu, fracture, Skin infections are the conditions to avoid Spa Sessions. If you have any Health issue including Pregnancy, you should consult your Physician before availing any Spa session.

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