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Four Hand Massage – Performed by Two Therapists.

Benefits: Boost Immunity.
Techniques Used: Full Palm, Kneading, Pettrisage.
Pressure: Medium.
Duration: 1 Hour
Price: Rs.3500

Aromatherapy Massage

Benefits: To Relax, Improve Nervous System, Overcome Sleep and Jet Lag Issues.
Techniques Used: Kneading, Acupressure points, Discontinuous Strokes.
Pressure: Soft to Medium.
Duration: 1 Hour.
Price: Rs.2100

Quick Fixers

Back Massage

Benefits: Release Stiffness and strengthen back muscles.
Duration: 30 Minutes.Price: Rs.1350

Head & Shoulder Massage.

Benefits: Improve Blood Flow, Reduce Hair Fall and Headaches.
Duration: 30 Minutes    Price: Rs.1100

Foot Reflexology

Benefits: For Unimpeded Nerve Functioning and Release of Blockages for Optimum Health.
Duration: 45 Minutes.Price: Rs.1500.

Leg Massage

Benefits: To Relax Calf Muscles, Reduce Aches.
Duration: 30 Minutes.Price: Rs. 1100

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