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Aloe Vetiver Sugar Scrub (New)

             Duration: 25 Minutes.
             Price: Rs.1250

Argan Mineral salt scrub (New)

             Duration: 30 Minutes.
             Price: Rs.1450

Green Tea Scrub (New)

             Duration: 25 Minutes.
             Price: Rs.1450

Hydrating Vanilla Shea Engulf (New)

             Duration: 50 Minutes.
             Price: Rs.1950

Morrocan Rhassoul wrap up (New)

             Duration: 50 Minutes.
             Price: Rs.1850

Red clay cover (New)

             Duration: 45 Minutes.
             Price: Rs.1950


Coffee Shea Butter Scrub

A deeply nourishing treat for Invigorated skin.

Benefits: For Skin Softening, Glow, Removing Dead Cells.
Products Used: Coffee, Shea Butter, Blend of Essential Oils.
Duration: 30 Minutes.
Price: Rs.1300

Poppy Pine Body Scrub

Best Suited for Dry Skin, the linoleic acid and anti – inflammatory properties of Poppy Seeds Scrub rehydrates and soothe the skin.
Duration: 30 Minutes.
Price: Rs. 1250

Walnut – VetivertBody Scrub

Ideal for Oily & Normal Skin, this scrub is enriched with Omega-3 fatty acids and Vitamin E that helps lock in moisture and nutrients in the skin, making it plump, smooth and glowing.
Duration: 30 Minutes.
Price: Rs. 1350.

Organic Sugar Lemon Grass Scrub

An invigorating scrub to shed off dead cells making your Skin Supple and Radiant. Best suited for all Skin types including Sensitive skin.
Duration: 30 Minutes.
Price: Rs. 1250.

Eucalyptus Sea Salt Scrub

A coarse scrub, releasing toxins and spurring up cell renewal. Ideal for Oily skin.
Duration: 30 Minutes.
Price: Rs. 1350.

Youthful French Red Clay Body Wrap

Ideal for all Skin types, the Goodness of Geranium and French Red clay packed with Minerals will make this a highly nourishing wrap for a well-toned, firm skin.
Duration: 50 Minutes.
Price: Rs. 1850.

Anti PigmentationManjisthaLiquoriceBody Wrap.

Say good byes to those Freckles and pigmentation. Manjistha is known to reduce pigmentation and for improving complexion. The healing properties of Liquorice will speed up cell renewal and combat ageing skin issues.
Duration: 60 Minutes.
Price: Rs. 2100.

Detox Spice Scrub &Body Wrap

A dual combo of a Scrub and Wrap to leave you Refreshed and Rejuvenated. The warming properties of Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Rose, Tulsi, Frankincense will aid in eliminating toxins while shedding dead cells.
Duration: 1 Hour 10 Minutes.
Price: Rs.2500.

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