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O2 Spa Facial

Benefits: The O2 Spa Facial increases O2 (Oxygen) supply at the Skin’s cellular level. As a Result the Skin becomes more Radiant making you look More Young, Fresh and Vibrant.
Products used: Oxygen infused Masks and Cream.
Duration: 1 Hour 10 Minutes
Price: Rs. 2700

Signature Facial Green Apple Stem Cell – Exclusively Available ONLY @ Meghavi.

Benefits: For Hydrating, Pigmentation, Tan, Ageing.
Products Used: Nano Carbon Mask, Stem Cell peel.
Duration: 1 Hour.
Price: Rs.3999

High Frequency Facial For Oily – Acne Prone Skin.

Benefits: To Control excess of Oil and Maintain Skin’s Ph Balance through products rich in Fruit enzymes.
Duration: 1 Hour.
Price: Rs. 2500

Age with Grace For Dehydrated – Ageing Skin.

Benefits: To Deeply Hydrate, improve Elastin & Collagen Production, Reduce fine Lines.
Duration: 1 Hour.
Price: Rs. 2600

Brightening Facial – For Tanned, Pigmented Skin.

Products Used: To even out Skin tone and control excess of Melanin Production.
Duration: 1 Hour.
Price: Rs. 2250

Especially For Men – address Men’s Facial Skin Issues. (Includes 20 Mins Back Massage)

Benefits: To address Sun tan, reduce Skin Pores and a Deep Cleansing.
Duration: 1 Hour 20 Minutes.
Price: Rs. 2300

Gold Facial – For Radiant Skin.

Benefits: To Cleanse and Improve Skin’s lustre.
Duration: 1 Hour.
Price: Rs.2000

Fruit Facial – For Routine maintenance.

Benefits: Extracts of Fruits to Exfoliate and Replenish Skin Cells.
Duration: 1 Hour.
Price: Rs.1500

Face Clean Up

Duration: 25 Minutes.
Price: Rs.1150

All Natural Potli Facial (New)

           Duration: 75 Minutes.
          Price: Rs.2250

Fruity cocktail (New)

            Duration: 60 Minutes.
            Price: Rs.1800

Gold star(New)

            Duration: 60 Minutes.
            Price: Rs.1750


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