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11# 5 Tips to Help You choose your Right Spa Massage.

Have you ever felt post your massage “something” missing? May be it was to do with Music, Pressure, Ambience, techniques, touch but something good enough which made you feel “something” lacking in the experience!!
Many Spas offer an extensive menu of different forms of massages however they are not able to connect their services to the needs of the customer and apt for their lifestyle. And like many Service providers the onus is on the customer to have the knowledge what service suits them the best.

Here are these 5 Tips which will be very handy to choose your Right Massage Love!

1. Ask for a Spa Consultation if you are not offered one!
Consultation will give you an opportunity to explain your life style and ask for an appropriate massage suggestion apt for you. This will also save you from getting trapped into the flowery explanation of treatments and getting carried away. On top the expert will be able to identify the best suited treatment offered in their service list for you.

2. Share your Preference of Pressure in the Massage.
Though several massages have the options of varying the pressure from gentle to strong however there are certain massage forms like Aromatherapy and Lymphatic Drainage where in pressure cannot be manipulated to greater degrees as techniques used cannot support strong pressure or deep muscle work.

3. Be comfortable in expressing your Pain points.
Let the personnel at the Spa know what you enjoy while receiving a massage. Whether it is that extra attention on your back or those acupressure points in your feet or the soothing strokes of the head massage. Ask about the products used for you in the treatment and share your comfort with those products. Remember, open up and share your pain points, period!

4. Be vocal about your Comfort.
There is no exam of your endurance level happening. Let your therapist know about any discomfort you are feeling whether it’s the room temperature or light or the pressure of the therapist or the smell or feel of your massage oil, anything that’s bothering you just speak up.

5. Last but not the least ‘The time duration’.
Spa is all about to let the Time Slip by but this shouldn’t add up to your stress. Be clear of how much time you have and whether the treatment time fits into your schedule. The last thing would be to rush in or out of your Spa treatment with Cell phones ringing and getting delayed for your appointments or left with the feeling of being dealt hurriedly all this being a suicidal note to your much looked forward Spa Time.

So take a deep breath, exhale and check your calendar to fit in Your Right Massage! After all you well deserve it.

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